Hey, today I am going to talk a bit about how you can succeed in a niche without any SEO work at all. I used this technique last year (September-December) and I made 5 figures during those three months. And that was with 1 of the 2 sites I had in the niche. The other one made a few grand as well. In this article I will explain how you find these magical niches and how I did it last year.

After you’re done reading this, I’m going to ask you one question that could make you thousands. Answer it.


Earnings from the site


Earnings from the sidebar on the site

In August last year I started hearing about hoverboards, hands-free segways, that were booming in sales worldwide. I instantly got interested in the niche and started a site in the niche, without thinking too much about it. As the niche was brand new, I didn’t really have any record on what people were searching for, so I had to guess a lot. I started with best hoverboard(s), hoverboard reviews, top hoverboards, best hoverboard brands and so on. Then I started with the long tails that I knew where going to be searched later on as the niche grew. So I made an article about the best hoverboards for kids and about the best cheap hoverboards. Since I was the only one at the time targeting the kid and cheap term I instantly ranked first and within just a few days I started making money (I think it was around day 4). Each story doesn’t have a happy ending where I was able to flip the site for $xxx,xxx unfortunately. Hoverboards started exploding and Amazon banned all hoverboards and my site quickly died.

Either way, during these 3 months I was able to make $10,938.83 with one of my two sites. The other site earned $2,112.21. So $13,051.04 in 3 months. That’s like 50% of the average annual income here in Sweden. So there is definitely potential in this technique I am going to tell you about. Generally, as the sites gets older, bigger, and stronger, it will make more and more money. I was just unlucky with that this particular niche died down quickly.

What is the technique?

What you want is to find niches that was recently established, or is being hyped by the media (traditional and new media outlets). If you are one of the first people targeting a niche you have a great advantage over all the other ones – the age, but also, you will rank extremely easy for new niches since Google need to put some relevant results in their search results. Since all the big sites haven’t targeted the niche yet, you are going to rank easily, earn a great amount and have a head start against everyone else.

So in order to find these types of niches you will always need to be looking at media outlets, both newspapers but also social media. For example, I found out about hoverboards when Justin Bieber instagrammed a video of him riding one. TV and newspapers aren’t as fast as social media where absolutely everyone have a voice and the word spreads a lot faster. Teens are usually pretty fast on new trends, so go follow a bunch of teen celebrities on various social media platforms!

Lol I died at the end my head literally hit the camera IOHAWK

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Justin Bieber (@justinbieber)

Something you also can use is Google Trends, which is a day-to-day list of trends and their amount of searches (make sure you check the trends for US). Google is the provider of these trends so they should give the most accurate information about each trending topic. You can even set up daily email notifications for Google Trends so that you get a daily update on new trends. Check that once per day before starting work and you shouldn’t miss anything. Twitter trending topics are also a good way to find trendy new products.

Always be one step ahead

As you will be targeting new niches there isn’t too much data available even for Google. So if you really want to succeed you will need to be one step ahead. Do you think the buyers will search for specific ones for kids? Will they search for a cheaper alternatives? You can take a look at sites in other niches to get inspiration in what type of articles to write. Since there is no data you’ll have to guess what people will search for when the niche grows. By targeting a lot of potential long tails you are way ahead of your competition since most people will just target the most obvious terms, and doesn’t target any keywords without knowing the amount of searches for it. It also gives you more topical relevancy, which helps you rank higher.

It all depends on what type of niche it is, so there is no specific keywords that I can suggest. But generally “for kids”, “cheap” and specific brands are being heavily searched for. By putting yourself there you will get a lot more traffic than your competitors, even if you don’t rank as high as them on the main terms. Interesting enough, I tried to buy a site in the hoverboard niche – it was generating way less money than my sites but were ranking way better on the main terms. So that just goes to show the power of being one step ahead.


What to keep in mind

There are handful of niches like these that pop up each year, so it is important that you always keep an eye out for them as they are rare. Always be ready to start a site as soon as possible when you find a hyped product like the hoverboard. Try not to always be blinded by keyword tools and what they display. For new niches there is barely any data and keyword tools might not always find all the great keywords that can bring in a few hundred or thousand extra per month.

Always be ready to face the fact that you might need to build backlinks after a while. After a while the bigger players in the affiliate space will start to pick these type of niches up and target them as well. But that is why you start so early, if the site have already made you 4-5 figures, you don’t have that much to risk by putting a few hundred or thousands towards SEO.


This is a great technique for people running on a low budget, or for those that want to make some quick money but still want to remain in the SEO game. It requires you to be observant of new product being established, but with Google Trends and following a couple of teen celebrities on Instagram should make you aware of all the new hyped products. Good luck on your search!

What cool thing have you seen in the last 2 months that you now wish you made a site about? Leave a comment below!

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