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We build websites and sell them to investors like you.

Our process

1. We buy an auctioned domain that has high number of referring domains from highly authoritative sites. 2. We put hours on keyword research, site structuring, competitor analysis and writing content. 3. We grow it ourselves until it makes money, and sell it to a investor who wants to acquire an established website.
Want to find out more on how we build our sites? Here's our in-depth guide!

New to websites?

Super-easy migration

We've streamlined a process so simple that even my grandmother could do it. All our websites are built on WordPress.

We do the initial work

Built for growth

We build sites that are meant to be scaled, so that you can turn a profit faster.

Our niches

We create websites in all types of niches

We're not set on making websites in a specific niche. We're offering websites for sale in a broad spectrum of niches.

We love our product

Dedicated support

We strive to keep all our customers happy. Face any problem during the migration? We're here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy an established website?

Building websites is hard, and investing in them is always a bit of a gamble. Even though you’ve honed your craft and has had a few successful websites, growing your website portfolio takes time and is associated with a risk of not being able to pull out a good enough success-rate on the websites. We are here to help you expand your website portfolio. We are willing to take the risk for you. No matter if you’re a novice webmaster and just want to treat the website acquisition as an asset class, or a expert webmaster that lives and breathes SEO – our established websites for sale should be perfect for you.

What is your process?

– Buying an auctioned domain, this determines the niche. – Figure out what potential customers are searching for by doing keyword research. – Structuring the site so that users & Google understands the topic of the site. – Writing a bunch of high-quality SEO optimized content for keywords we believe to be the most profitable. – Pointing links from our secure private blog network. – Ongoing keyword research to find more profitable terms. – We think outside the box to acquire links our competitors could only dream of. – Sell the profitable site to a buyer.  That’s it, that’s the Hekkup process.

What customers are saying

“I bought an established website from Hekkup last year. The transfer was really easy and I had my new site up and running in no time. All accounts related to the site (Seach Console + Analytics) were transferred to my account as well.

Overall I am super pleased with the quality and price! Will buy more sites in the future.” 
mizific logo
Michael Mizific
Owner of Mizific
“I have purchased sites and have been an intermediary for sites for Hektor for a few years now and the quality has always been of the highest degree. 

If your looking for a site to start making money with straight away and looking to scale it larger Hektors sites are your go to.”
dever capital
Patrick D.
Web Investor & Seller
"The silo on this site is perfect! The unique selling point of this site: it targets almost all the keywords there are in this niche. The website is made on a beautiful expired domain and Hektor told me that all the keywords that are ranking now are ranking without links.

The domain was transferred to my GoDaddy without any issues and was given an easy file I imported with a plugin, which was so easy to install and use. I will buy again!"
Website Owner
"Hektor was really easy to work with and the entire process was smooth.

Quick to respond and clear in all his questions or answers. I am looking forward for the next opportunity to buy one of his profitable websites for sale."
Aurel D.
Website Investor

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