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What we do

The Hekkup Process

    1. We buy an auctioned domain that has a high number of relevant links from authoritative sites.
    2. We build out the website with scale in mind. We’d never build a besttoasters.com site, for example.
    3. We grow the website until it starts to make money. We then put it as a website for sale infront of our waiting list.

Want more details on how we build our sites?

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We care about the long-term

Why Choose hekkup?

While we always recommend that you sign up to as many website marketplaces and private deal sellers as possible, 
here are some reasons we’re a great company to work with.

We dare to improve

Let's be honest, a websites' SEO can always be improved. We dare to test and see what works, and then we'll apply it portfolio-wide.

It's so easy to be locked into one way of building websites, that you completely miss out on renewing your strategy. That's why we focus a lot on challenging our process.​

We share our ideas

Whenever we put a website for sale, we usually get really excited about the possibilities the new owner has. We will share all the ideas we have for the website in order to scale it.

Completely free, of course.​

We assist you

We've streamlined a process so simple that even my grandmother could do it. All our websites are built on WordPress.

We're happy to assist you in whatever way possible during this process as well.

We think big

We build sites that are meant to be scaled, so that you can turn a profit faster. It's important that the site, from the start, is built to be scaled, otherwise we might lock it into a small niche that cannot be expanded.​

"Hektor was really easy to work with and the entire process was smooth.

Quick to respond and clear in all his questions or answers. I am looking forward for the next opportunity to buy one of his websites for sale."

Aurel D.

Website Investor

“I have purchased sites and have been an intermediary for sites for Hektor for a few years now and the quality has always been of the highest degree. 

If your looking for a site to start making money with straight away and looking to scale it larger Hektors sites are your go to.”

Patrick D.

Web Investor & Seller

“I bought an established website from Hekkup last year. The transfer was really easy and I had my new site up and running in no time. All accounts related to the site (Seach Console + Analytics) were transferred to my account as well.

Overall I am super pleased with the quality and price! Will buy more sites in the future.” 

Michael Mizific


"The silo on this site is perfect! The unique selling point of this site: it targets almost all the keywords there are in this niche. The website is made on a beautiful expired domain and Hektor told me that all the keywords that are ranking now are ranking without links.

The domain was transferred to my GoDaddy without any issues and was given an easy file I imported with a plugin, which was so easy to install and use. I will buy again!"


Website Owner

The team

Team members

Anish Nandalike

Having worked with digital marketing for over 7 years, is a highly-skilled individual that doesn’t let anyone stop him.

Having a huge interest in boxing, it seem to have made him stronger mentally. “If you work hard in training, the fight is easy.” is a well-said quote of the ever so famous boxer Manny Pacquiao, that Anish seem to live by.

At Hekkup, he makes sure the teams we employ does provides only top-notch quality. He obtains two qualities which are rare: being a perfectionist, while still being actionable. He does not let his perfectionistic persona get in the way of action, and he doesn’t let the fast-action damage the quality of work.

Hektor Jeppesen

Having understood the potential of SEO and affiliate marketing at 15 years old, he spent the past 6 years building hundreds of websites.

Something which started as an experiment is now his passion: building websites. All the years of experience in SEO & affiliate marketing allowed him to develop systems that were future-proof.

Hektor is a great team person, he loves to find the right people and nurture them, as long as they have the drive to learn. Which is one of the reasons you will find a lot of SEO guides by Hektor all over internet.

Steve Fernandes
Digital Marketing Executive

Steve is our go to man when it comes to anything design. Form designing logos to websites, we has fine tuned this art since the age of 15.

His innate love for anime seems to have an affect on his near to perfect designs. Over the years, he has expanded his skill set and now works on various aspects like on-page SEO, content planning, content uploading at Hekkup (to name a few).

In short, he is our captain America when it comes to anything digital which is why we fancy him as our digital marketing executive.