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Join 400+ investors. No spam - just value, and site offerings.


We get a strong domain from auction, does in-depth keyword research, set a scalable site structure.


We let it naturally grow as well as watering it until it reaches profitability. Sometimes PBNs are used.


We sell the website to one of our partners in the waiting list. We're 100% transparent in this process.

Our mission

We are first-hand experiencing the luxury of having semi-passive income websites reaping us profits each month. We want others to achieve the same, that's why our mission is to make website investing easy.

Are you new to the website investing industry?

First off: Welcome!

Secondly: Don't worry, we always try make it as easy as possible.

All our sites are built on Wordpress which is the most popular CMS making it easy to find guides for it. The migration of our websites is streamlined into a process so simple that even my own grandmother could do it.

Something we're proud of

We've added long-term cashflow to dozens of companies around the world.

  • We have seen some of our clients triple the traffic of their acquired site within a few months.

  • Our sites are structured in such a way that you easily can scale them without losing relevance in Google's eyes.

  • We have a lot of fun doing this, and love to challenge our ideas and processes.


What our clients are saying

“I am looking forward for the next opportunity to buy one of his websites for sale.”
Aurel D., Website Investor

“If you're looking for a site to start making money with straight away and looking to scale it larger Hektors sites are your go to.”

Patrick D., Website Investor

“I bought an established website from Hekkup last year. I am super pleased with the quality and price! Will buy more sites in the future.”

Michael Mizific, Entrepreneur

“First time buyer, and Hekkup lead me through the process real smooth. All problems got solved and the site was up and running in my ownership within days of purchase. Strongly recommend Hekkup as a business-partner.”

Fredrik Bergström, First-time website investor

Our Websites for Sale

Are you looking for websites for sale? At Hekkup, we specialize in building and growing websites. We love seeing a site take its first baby-steps and then growing and maturing in age and trust in the eyes of Google. The first penny we make with the site is like the first time we made money online - it's an awesome feeling!

Once they have become stable assets that we can count on, we put the website for sale. We're not looking to make passive income, we're looking to repeat what we love to do - see a website go from nothing to something.

Adding cash flow to other businesses worldwide is another thing that really sparks joy in the team over at Hekkup. We love seeing our clients succeed with their websites. Sure, sometimes we wish we might have kept the site for longer to take it from something into massive. But then we come to realize that one person's life could have been changed for the better with the acquisition they made, and then we drop that egoistic thought.

How does the buying process work?

The website is put for sale
Our websites on sale sell like hotcakes, and when we announce a new website for sale it is usually sold within 12-24 hours. Our buyers are generally very hungry as they've already gotten good results with their other acquisitions from us.

What we do is write up an email that we send out to our 300+ investors, where we talk about the site, display the stats, what we've done so far, and giving our ideas and ways to grow it even further. We never post the URL in the first email to not expose the site to too many. We wait for the ones that are interested in digging deeper - and those will get the URL of the site, access to Google Analytics, and the profit & loss statement.

The investor can also ask more detailed questions and ask more in-depth questions so that any doubts are clear in this phase.

Deal is finalized

Usually, a few parties are involved and want to acquire the site - we let each investor give their best offer and then going a bit back and forth before we got an offer that we finalize.

Transferring the site
Once the deal is finalized and we've started the transaction on (our preferred Escrow-partner), we start moving the parts of the website. We provide you with the authorization code of the domain, as well as an easy-to-install backup of the site that you easily can install on your own server.

Once you've put the site on your own server we change the DNS details so that the domain is pointing to your server and the content is served from it - when one transfers a domain the DNS details are usually being set up automatically, so we try to keep it as easy as possible for the non-techy individuals who rather wouldn't want to set up the DNS settings themselves.

We're flexible and can help with any of the steps - or if you'd like to do it all on your own that's completely fine too. We'll keep the server alive for some time after the transfer to make sure we always got a backup to revert to if anything happens during the process.

Changing the affiliate links to your own links is easy since we've developed a plugin that can do this for you in just a click of a button. We want to make website investing as easy as possible.

After the site has been transferred to your server, the domain name is in your domain registrar account and you've changed the affiliate links to your own - you could take two paths, either just letting it sit and generate profit or taking it to the next level and growing it from something to massive.

Our blog

100% transparent & straight-forward blog about website investing.
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