The Amazon Affiliate Calculator


Is this calculator only for Amazon Affiliate?


We named it the Amazon Affiliate Calculator due to SEO.

There were no searches on any other type of variant. SEO FTW! 📈

You can insert any numbers, commission percentages, etc to fit into the affiliate program of your choice.

If you have a fixed commission per sale/lead, you can set that amount as average cost of product, and then set commission to 100%.


Why we developed this calculator

We felt there was a need of a calculator that doesn’t use the wrong data.

A lot of similar Amazon affiliate calculator tools, such as ours, use the wrong CTR from SERPs.

For example, none of them are taking into account that 50% of all searches nowadays result in no clicks.

We don’t say that our Amazon commission calculator is perfect, but it is at least based on the right numbers.

The plugin is universal

No matter what currency is relevant to you, you can use this calculator. No need to insert any extra details based on where you’re operating from.