June 22, 2020

11 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums To Network in 2020

Affiliate marketing forums are an amazing way to network with people.

Through them, you can find valuable information about the latest affiliate trends, tools, and news as a whole.

In order to be efficient at affiliate marketing, the fundamental part of the business is social networking.

As such, these forums and groups of people that manage them constantly hold affiliate conferences, through which you can connect with potential business partners which can push your affiliate marketing game to the next level.

Furthermore, finding people with similar interests and within the same industry is important, as they can help you push your network to the next level.

However, there are a lot of forums and networks out there that claim they offer the ultimate affiliate marketing networking experience, so how do you find the right one for you, your personality, and your industry?

Advantages of joining an affiliate forum

As an affiliate marketer, your main goal is to grow on a daily basis.

The idea of learning something new that can completely change the way you perceive the marketing world or a piece of information that will give you an advantage over everyone else is something truly extraordinary.

Do you remember the day when you figured out what affiliate marketing is?

Chances are you learned everything about the affiliate marketing process through different guides, tutorials, or even real-world mentors who have shown you the path to success.

So now you may be asking yourself, where do I go from here, how do I grow?

In Affiliate marketing forums, people constantly share new information they have learned that truly works for them, in the hopes of growing the community and letting everyone level up their affiliate marketing game.

As one person grows, so do more, and the entire industry shifts to an improved direction.

Here, you will not only find business partners and people with the same genuine interest in affiliate marketing, but you will also find people who are constantly pushing the envelope and are trying to figure out new ways to push the process beyond its limits.

Forums, in their purest form, shape the internet and the interactions people have online.

There are specialized forums filled with people from around the globe following their own missions on a global scale with specialized content tailor-made for such things.

These forums are not only limited to affiliate marketing, no matter what you are interested in, but you can also always find a community for even the rarest or absurd interests.

Some of the most popular forums and groups are centered around marketing, IT and other work industries, however, there are a lot of forums which tailor towards modern pop culture, members who follow a certain music band, members who like a certain TV show, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, can freely join these groups and discuss their interests while networking with people who share their passion.

These groups can range from a few hundred members to millions of members, and they provide a gateway to a larger community where you can truly shine with your passion for a certain subject.

How are Affiliate Marketing Forums Structured

Affiliate Forums are structured in a similar format as all other online forums.

You have the category of the forum, the themes which are discussed, daily posts, and the location of the main crowd that forum tailors.

Even though most of these forums are available worldwide, you will run into specific forums that target a specific audience at a specific geographical location, so you also have a difference in languages.

As a general rule, all online Forums allow the English language, as it is a language the entire world can understand or at least find a way to translate, so even if you are targeting a specific country or city with your affiliate marketing, you can find ways to convey and transfer your message across effectively.

Each forum and group has dedicated members with certain roles they have to fulfill.

There are moderators and admins.

Moderators are responsible for keeping the community clean and to the point.

Each forum has its own set of rules and guidelines, and as more and more people enter the group, it can get into the range of over a thousand or even million members.

This being said, not everyone will follow said guidelines, so someone must be regularly online to manage and take care of the ones who decide not to follow the rules.

These are also known as the “cleaners” as they constantly filter through all of the content and try to resolve as many reports and complaints as possible, and they play a key role in maintaining a healthy community.

Admins are the people who set the rules and manage the community as a whole.

They have the power to modify the rules if required, assign questions each user has to answer before entering the community, and set parameters for moderators.

They can assign multiple roles within the forum, and have to make sure that it is up to the latest standards to avoid getting the forum banned or blacklisted.

They usually feature different colors, animations, or borders around their names or images in order to indicate that they are responsible for certain actions that need to be taken.

This allows the community to remain clean and for everything to run smoothly.

There are also special roles assigned to certain group members who have done something truly remarkable, and these are all created and set by the admin.

These roles can be in the form of a teacher, hustler, sales, guide, video producer roles, and so on.

Their goal is to indicate what user is proficient at which sector of the marketing world and as such people will have a much easier time contacting them or deciding which person to call when they required help in a certain region of the field.

When the end-users and members of these communities notice that moderators and admins are online, they are less likely to break the rules.

Some forums even have automation systems in place that can kick players who use certain words, images, and other things that might not follow the community guidelines.

There are even forums that can delete your account if you are not active enough or are not engaging enough with the community, to leave more slots open for new members who might find more value in the said community than you.

This ensures that the forum always remains active, but this feature is only seen at certain forums.

Type of forums

There are multiple types of Forums out there.

Ones are direct website forums with specialized domains, security, and rules.

The others are found throughout different social media platforms.

Great places to find extremely large and successful communities are Facebook, Quora, and Reddit.

Each of these social media platforms offers systems that allow you to create groups or communities in which you can engage with other people, post content you have created, or would simply like to share with the other members of the group.

Top 11 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums 2020

1. StackThatMoney

The StackThatMoney online forum is one of the premium forums available online which you have to pay $99 per month to be a part of.

The spoken language at this forum is English, as such people globally can communicate through one central language that each and every one of them can understand or at least find a way to translate easily.

What makes StackThatMoney special is the fact that it is an affiliate marketing forum which has training programs and hosts conferences through Affiliate World Conferences.

Another aspect that might be attractive, and make the membership worth it to a lot of people is that this forum exists for several years now, and as such it is the home of some of the biggest and best veteran affiliate marketers who share their knowledge constantly.

The theme is to constantly evolve and figure out new ways to sell online, and as such, new methods are constantly being discussed, tested, and posted on the forum for other members to use in their endeavors.

Due to the membership fee, you always have someone active to answer any question you might have, as the moderators are quite experienced within the industry themselves.

The downside of this forum is that a part of the community does not do proper research.

For example, since this is an older forum, it has amassed an enormous database filled with useful information and answers to questions a lot of people have faced throughout the years.

Through simple research, you can find anything you are interested in and chances are that it has already been answered before, and despite that, a large portion of the newer community keeps asking the same questions which have already been answered even months prior to their post.

In some cases, there can be an exception if the topic at hand has been drastically updated in recent years and as such it does require a new guide or piece of information for it to work properly, but this is rarely the case.

Despite this, if you are passionate and dedicated to your mission of becoming an affiliate marketing expert, you will find all of the information you require here.

2. BlackHatWorld

If you are attempting to enter the affiliate marketing industry on a tighter budget, there are options for you as well.

The BlackHatWorld is a Free to enter and use forum which discusses Black Hat, SEO, and other ways to make money with lower investment requirements.

It is an online database filled with Black Hat ways to earn money, at which you will find a high number of discussions about affiliate marketing topics as well as extremely solid advice about Search Engine Optimization.

The dark background might make things more difficult to read for some people, but in a lot of cases it is a better way to experience online content if you are reading from the dark, and it goes well with the whole Black Hat theme, that being said, there is also a White Hat section, which also provides more transparent ways to conduct business.

This is a blog worth viewing if you want a completely different perspective on the affiliate marketing world and might open your perspective or give you unique ideas through which you can enhance your momentary strategy.

The members of this forum share a lot of useful information as-well about other things with might be implemented into affiliate marketing to give you a leg up over the competition, so make sure to give it a shot.

3. Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is a free forum that goes over a lot more things than just affiliate marketing.

Here you will find online business strategies for any kind of business you might have.

You can take advantage of this online forum to broaden your horizons and shift your perspective through its various topics which are discussed and updated on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that this is not a forum where you will have access to any case studies, but you still have a very large database filled with questions and answers to many affiliate marketing questions you might need to be answered.

War Room and Warrior Ask Me Anything is this forum’s way of connecting the users to online experts which provides access to a lot of digital marketing sources that may prove educational.

This is a US heavy forum, which means that if you are targeting an audience in the US, or want to expand your affiliate funnels within the US, this is the perfect forum to focus your attention on as it may provide exclusive connections that you would not find anywhere else.

4. affLIFT

The affLIFT forum is another subscription-based forum that is far more affordable than anything else out there, and the main topics you can find here are Campaign optimization tips, Landing page strategies, how to configure Push Notifications properly and Pops and Redirects.

This platform is created and managed by the director of PeerFly, and he makes sure to share as much of his knowledge as he can through this forum, so you are getting the best help when it comes to tips and tricks for affiliate marketing by a proven professional.

The attractive point of affLift is the fact that you have access to a huge library of tools and support when it comes to affiliate marketing, as many people have already posted issues, resolutions and the most useful tools on the market are constantly being discussed and tested here, making it a heaven for tech-savvy marketers.

The downside of affLIFT is the fact that it is fairly new to the market, or in other words, it is not as big as other forums you might find out there, which can be both a good and a bad thing.

It can be a good thing if you have any knowledge you would like to share with the community, as you can build quite the following and the connections to truly expand your network of people, but the bad thing is that the database is not as big as any of the others out there.

5. Forobeta

If you are targeting a specific audience which is based in Spain, this Spanish based blog is full of Spanish-speaking members who are exploring the world of affiliates.

This is a highly active and completely free blog that will truly allow you to broaden your horizons to another country or continent if you are from the US, allowing you to expand your affiliate business overseas.

It is primarily focused on Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, and Social Media content that truly pushes the envelope of that is possible through proper affiliates.

6. WickedFire

WickedFire is yet another free forum that features some of the most popular and constantly updated affiliate marketing posts found anywhere.

You will find a wide assortment of members, from new ones who are just entering the world of affiliate marketing all the way to industry professional with years of experience and expertise ready to answer any question and feed your affiliate hunger.

The main focus of this forum is on SEO and webmasters, but you can ask anything that interests you and there is a high chance that you will find someone with the expertise to back up his claims to answer your question effectively.

With that in mind, in recent years the forum has become less and less active, however, the database of knowledge is so large and varied that it is worth checking out just because of its strong history and commitment to the affiliate marketing space.

7. HackerDeCroissance

As the name might lead you to believe, this is a French forum specializing in webmaster tips as well as tracking platforms and mobile affiliate marketing.

If you have ever wanted to expand your networking throughout the French population, this forum provides the perfect opportunity, as it features a clean interface with forums about anything within the industry.

With a knowledgeable owner by its side, this forum is sure to give you a whole new perspective when it comes to affiliate marketing, as you will get an in-depth look of what the scene is like in Europe and through that knowledge, you will learn how to optimize your process tremendously and attract clients from other regions.

8. CPAClub

If you are interested in cost per action marketing, this is by far one of the best forums you can find online, for free, which can provide you with in-depth information as well as useful tips and tricks.

Even though the primary language is Russian, you can find some of the best Russian-speaking affiliate marketers on here through which you can gain a lot of knowledge.

With that said, it is extremely difficult to get into this forum, as you will be analyzed by your experience, income, and what kind of value you will provide to the community itself.

Being a member of this forum and community as a whole is amazing because you get constant discounts on common services you might need in the affiliate world as well as professional advice from hand-picked experts.

9. AffiliateFix

AffiliateFix is a free forum that makes new members feel like they are at home.

It by far has one of the most active communities you will find online.

Through its Business section, you can connect with both business partners and clients to truly enhance your online network with the right people.

A lot of affiliate experts can be found posting regularly on this forum and it could be a great place for you to find a mentor if you are new to this industry as a whole, but in any case, it is completely free to check out so give it a shot.

10. AdvertCN

AdvertCN is one of the biggest Chinese forums you can find that covers the topics of E-commerce, drop shipping, mobile marketing, YouTube, and Amazon Affiliates.

The design is common and similar to any other Chinese website you have seen out there, as they truly have a unique look to them that separates them from any Western websites available in the United States.

This forum is perfect for people who want to look at another way to conduct affiliate marketing, as the tools advertised here are unique in their own way, and through the new perspective of how the Chinese market works you will gain a better understanding on how to conduct affiliate marketing as a whole.

Translating this page using methods such as Google Translate can be a challenge, as it does not do such a great job at it, however, you should at least have some perspective about what the members are talking about.

In any case, this is a great place to expand your network in China, if that is your goal at the moment.

11. Defo

This is neither a subscription-based forum nor a free one but requires a one-time fee of $500 to enter.

While the primary language spoken at this forum is Russian, it covers a vast array of marketing done in the non-Russian marketplace.

The selling factor of this forum is the two separate affiliate marketing methods you unlock.

You get access to the Russian affiliate marketing space as well as the foreign affiliate marketing space.

As these are two completely different communities of people, they require different methods to truly work.

Cultural differences also play a large role in this.

The members are really active and constantly hold meetings, brainstorming sessions and with a friendly approach, share the same goal of gaining great success through hard work and teamwork.

Another unique aspect of this forum is the fact that it is blog based, meaning that each user can create their own blog and share their knowledge and experience through different blog posts, giving you much more insight into the process.

Best Social Media Affiliate Marketing Forums

Social media can also be a powerful place to network with a lot of people within the affiliate marketing industry.

You can find a lot of groups throughout different social media platforms that have huge communities built upon them.

For example, on Reddit, you have access to r/Affiliatemarketing, a subreddit with over 50.000 members, you will gain access to some of the most asked questions found online, and get help from members from across the world.

Another great example is found on Quora.

On q/affiliatemarketing, you will find over 16.000 members who constantly discuss the latest affiliate marketing trends, and since it is a questions-based platform, you will find a lot of answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Each person that answers has their own credentials, so you will know exactly hat kind of person is giving you the answer based on their knowledge and employment history.

Recently, Facebook groups have hit the world of affiliate marketing by storm.

With groups filled with thousands of members, people from around the world are getting together to constantly learn from each other and explore everything the world of affiliate marketing has to offer them.

A good Facebook affiliate group needs to have strict rules, a mission, and expectations from its members.

A good thing about any group is its sheer member size, as the bigger the group, the more chances of connecting you have.

What separates a good group from a bad one is the engagement level from the members, as numbers are not everything.

You need to make sure that the members are always engaged in discussions by posting and commenting on a daily basis for the group to remain healthy, but you still want to avoid spam posts, which is why you would employ moderators in the group.

To get the point across effectively, we will be looking at a few examples on the Facebook platform.

Best Facebook Affiliate Marketing Groups

1. ClickFunnels Avengers (Affiliates)

With a member count of over 80.000, this is a huge, closed, and official Facebook group from ClickFunnels.

This group drives traffic to a single product and is centered around its ecosystem, so why are we talking about it?

This group can teach you a lot about affiliate marketing, as the group itself is one giant affiliate marketing project.

The best part about joining this group is the fact that there are constantly new waves of newcomers to the affiliate marketing industry with which you can connect and add them as a business partner, and through which you can build your own little circle of marketers ready to tackle the industry with a wide swoop of knowledge.

With the people you meet here, and the knowledge you will gain just by analyzing how the posts are written and engaged with, you will surely have a leg up over anyone else.

2. Affiliate Marketing Ninjas

While this group has a fewer member count of over 30.000 users, that number is still nothing to laugh at.

This community is dedicated and focused, and you will surely find a lot of useful and interesting information you would never think of through the various programs and courses shared here.

Within the pinned section of the group, you will find a lot of resources to help you with your affiliate marketing journey.

3. Automation Nation

With over 14.000 active members and genuine interest in helping newcomers with affiliate marketing interests, this group helps many people connect and share both their knowledge and experience within this industry.

The beauty of this group is the fact that it does not have that many restrictions when it comes to the types of questions you can ask.

This group offers training in copywriting, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and sales funnel marketing.

Wrapping Things Up

Affiliate marketing can be fun and exciting if done right, and forums provide an easy way through which you can engage and connect with a passionate community of people who share a similar goal.

By taking the right steps and approach when entering each forum, you can gain a high level of engagement, connect with the right people and conduct business on a scale you never knew possible.

With tons of experts out there genuinely sharing their knowledge and year of experience, both in the form of paid and free content, you have more options than ever to truly push beyond your limits and become an affiliate marketing force like no other.