June 22, 2020

How To Add an Affiliate Link To Your Site Without Messing with Code

Are you new to affiliate marketing and building websites? Would you rather touch as little code as possible to make the least possible mistakes and put yourself at risk of messing up the site you've developed? I completely understand. One thing some are asking us once they buy one of our websites for sale is "how do I add an affiliate link on my site without messing with code?", in this article I'll guide you through the details.

The guide is based on you having Wordpress as your CMS and the affiliate program being Amazon Associates. All our websites are built using Wordpress and so are around 70% of the websites in the entire world, which means there is a lot of great guides and plugins to speed up the process. That's the case when adding affiliate links without touching code as well.

Our Amazon Affiliate Links plugin

In March 2020 we found ourselves buying a website and trying to flip it for profit, we documented the whole process and tried to find as many ways to speed up the process as possible. So we developed a Wordpress plugin called "Add & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon".

It is a really easy plugin, all it does is check all the outbound links on the site, find those pointing to Amazon.com and checking if there is a &tag=ID parameter in the link. If there is, it replaces the current ID with the ID you entered into the plugin. If it doesn't have the &tag=ID parameter, it adds it (using the ID you entered).

In a matter of seconds (or if it is a big site, minutes) all affiliate links will be replaced.

We've now added the function that it will auto-check this every 24 hours just to make sure that new links pointing to Amazon.com turns into affiliate links.

What if I use another affiliate program?

Affiliate programs tend to use a wide range of ways of generating affiliate links, thus it can be hard to answer. Some affiliate programs offer Direct Linking, where you enter which site you will publish the affiliate link on and they automatically turns all links from the sites you enter into affiliate links (that is attributed to you). This does not work if you're pushing the same link on social media, since you're not the owner of those sites.

What if I want to add affiliate links the manual way

By adding affiliate links the manual way (copying the affiliate link from the affiliate program) into your site is a viable way as well. We're talking from the perspective of publishing hundreds of articles per month and thus having a need to automate this task to save valuable time from our staff.

Highlight the text/element you want the link to be placed in, click the "Insert/edit link" button and add your affiliate link. Click the blue enter button. Done!

And that's the way you add affiliate links without messing with code, pretty easy, right?