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We build affiliate websites using extensive research, and sell them to investors like you.

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We are specialized in building affiliate sites, and have built over 120 websites within the affiliate space in 5 years. We are now offering affiliate websites for sale, such as Amazon affiliate websites for sale – which is the most requested affiliate program by our customers.

Our process

We buy a strong domain on auction, this helps determine the niche of the website.

Doing keyword research to understand the search behavior of the buyers.

Laying down a proper site structure, so that our buyers can scale the site further. The site structure is also making it easy for Google and users to understand the topic of the site.

Writing content based on the keywords we’ve found and what we deem is relevant to the site.

– After a few months we strengthen individual pages/keywords with a few links from our secure private blog network.

– We sometimes use outside of the box-thinking to acquire links our competitors could only dream of having.

– We sell the site to a interested buyer, based on the L3M figures.


Want to learn more about our process? Read our guide on making affiliate websites here!

Our affiliate websites for sale

#1 - Fitness Website for Sale

#2 - Medical Website for Sale

#3 - Outdoor Website for Sale

#4 - Parenting Website for Sale

Currently all our affiliate websites are sold out. We are currently building 16 affiliate websites that we plan to sell in the future. Join the waiting list to get notified when we are ready.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Auctioned Domain + Hosting: We provide you with an auctioned domains powered by high authority backlinks. This means that you will have to spend little to no money on link building, quicker rankings, and many more benefits. We will also host the site on a lightning fast server, for one year.

Niche Selection: Our research team which dig through and understands the content which was hosted on the expired auctioned domain. Based on this we will then decide on the most related amazon affiliate niche for your website.

Keyword Research + Sorting: Not only do we find profitable keywords we also group them allowing to use them for future content. We then choose 4-5 keyword groups which include primary and secondary keywords.

Product Research: As majority of the articles will be long-form buyer guides, we ensure that only the best of products in the buying guides. We check for the customer reviews and popularity of the products before adding them to the articles. This ensures only high-quality products to be featured on the buyers guide.

Content Development: Based on the keyword research and product compilation, we then put our experienced content writers to task. They come up with highly relevant content for the keyword groups. Each of the articles is then proofread and checked for plagiarism by our proofreader.

Site Setup: We choose a theme which is suitable for both search engines and readers. We also design the homepage and the category pages.

Content Publishing: We publish the content after checking for each of the on-page factors. The content will have table/list, buttons, reviews of the top ‘X’ products etc. It will have images to all the mentioned products.