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Why should I invest in an Amazon affiliate website for sale?

While building an Amazon affiliate website from scratch can be as rewarding as buying a ready-made one, there are still much more perks of the latter. I am sure you’ve heard the famous quote by Benjamin Franklin “Time is money”, and that translates really well in business.

When you buy Amazon affiliate websites for sale, you get past that “struggling” initial stage of attracting visitors and directly jump into something that is already firm on the ground. Not to mention, you also don’t have to wait for the infamous Google Sandbox effect to leave your ready-made website.

That means, you can publish new content and rank quite easily in incredibly lesser time.

What makes Amazon better than any other affiliate program?

It’s no surprise that Amazon is the largest and most popular online marketplace (except for Alibaba in China). In fact, recent studies show that Amazon sells over 4,000 products every single minute.

Isn’t that mind-blowing?

But what’s more mind-blowing is their affiliate program features. Here are three of the most notable ones:

‍Commission on all products: When a visitor clicks on your Amazon affiliate link, they automatically get a 24-hour period cookie period attached to it. Which means, within those 24-hours of clicking the link, whatever items the visitor purchases; you get commission for all of them. That applies even if the items are not related to the ones you promoted in the first place.

‍Ton of tools to help in promotion: Amazon as opposed to other affiliate programs has a lot of third-party tools that you can use to put your promotion game on steroids. Those tools can help in choosing profitable products, better keywords and even targeting the right audience.

‍Huge spike during festive seasons: Festivals are the hottest and most profitable times for any marketer, especially if you’re a part of Amazon’s affiliate program. During festive seasons like Black Friday and Christmas, you’re sure to see a huge spike in sales and commissions.

Are certain Amazon Affiliate niches more profitable than others?

There are definitely some niches that do much better than others, depending upon certain factors. A niche where you can monetize in various different ways will be much profitable than a niche that restricts only to ads.

However, keep in mind that just about ANY niche can work. You just have to publish a good amount of content and know how to drive traffic. The great thing about buying an Amazon affiliate website from Hekkup is that, you can view the niche, age and average monthly revenue beforehand.

Say goodbye to guesswork!

How long do websites usually sit for sale on Hekkup?

Buying and selling Amazon affiliate websites is a hot business model, so while we wish there should be chance for everyone to see the listing and take time for decision, that is most likely not possible. The listed websites are usually sold within a few days.

However, you can join our waiting list (by entering email in the field above) and get notified whenever there’s a new listing so that you don’t run out of time.

After I buy an Amazon Affiliate website from Hekkup, do you help me with migration?

Yes, of course! Even if you’re an expert in this field, we would love to offer help in the migration process. From the point of buying the website to fully setting it up on your own server, we’ll guide you throughout the process. And we promise, it’s not difficult at all when you have our guidance.

We can also take full ownership in migrating the website to you, using the same setup we have on all our websites. That is totally up to you!

What if I don’t have amazing writing skills to continue publishing more content?

You do not need to have “amazing” writing skills to write articles for your newly-bought Amazon affiliate website. In fact, all you need to know is just basic English and understanding of what your readers want. Once you know that, you too can write helpful and engaging content for your website.

On a side note, if you do not like writing in general, you can always hire freelancers to do them for you at an affordable rate.

What if I don’t have any prior experience with buying Amazon Affiliate websites?

Our sites are made for everyone out there. No matter if you’re a beginner or experienced, we provide all the guidance for you to make things go smoothly. Also, that’s the beauty of buying Amazon affiliate sites for sale. Everything is already set up for you. All you do is maintain it and scale as you like.

We also have our blog where you’ll find a ton of helpful tips related to Amazon affiliate websites.

What if I have more questions?

For any more questions or doubts, feel free to reach out to us using the “chat” option on the screen. We’ll get back as soon as possible.

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