June 26, 2020

Low-Hanging Fruit to Bump Your Revenue Up With A Newly Acquired Website

Scaling a website is the best way to really get a massive turnover, but it is associated with a risk. You add content, you add backlinks, you can even launch your own product, but technically you could end up not increasing the revenue at all.

Here are some low-hanging fruit to help you add revenue to your website, without adding any additional costs. This can help you flip a website quickly, or be more confident in investing more to scale the website further.

Place ads on the website

We just placed ads via Ezoic on a handful of our websites, and this is the result so far:

If we can keep at $40 per day, that means we've added $1200 to our monthly revenue for these sites - if we were to sell them, that'd mean an additional ~$36,000 in valuation of these assets.

For just placing ads! That's insane, if you ask me.

Ezoic even says that their AI will learn even better over time and that will also increase our revenue. Only time will tell the truth in this statement, but nevertheless - good results so far.

If you've acquired an affiliate website without ads, push ads to it and see how it affects affiliate earnings as well. For us, it hasn't so far - but it might affect for other type of sites.

Add OneLink to the website

If you've acquired an Amazon affiliate website, chances are you're getting some traffic from other countries than just United States.If you haven't already, apply for OneLink by Amazon, add the script to all your pages and earn money from more countries than just US. What OneLink does is that it replaces your affiliate links, if the visitor comes from outside US, to a more locale Amazon such as amazon.de, amazon.co.uk, amazon.it, etc.We added OneLink to all our websites in January 2020, and instantly boosted our affiliate earnings by 15-20% portfolio-wide. This took us roughly 20 minutes (for 35 websites), and have upped our total portfolio valuation by 15-20% forever.

Sell Sponsored Posts or Placements In Lists

Selling sponsored posts is one thing that we don't add to our profit and loss statements, since they are one-off earnings that won't recur on a monthly basis. However, it is a great method to recoup your invested capital, and have more capital to re-invest.

We usually have a contact page on most websites where we get spammed with requests for sponsored posts. We usually reply to them with two options - review for a few hundred dollars per pop, or a placement in one of our highly-trafficked pages.

The latter is where we can find some recurring revenue, and usually is the best for the company asking for a review. Here we have to place a monetary value on the clicks we currently send via the affiliate program we use, and that can be hard.

Sometimes we've gotten $700-$900 per month to place a product/service highly, other times we've offer to place them #2 or #3 for a bit less. Depends on their budget, and how open they are to trying to see what results they get by being placed #1.

Ask them to track the sales and see how much our website contributes with, if they find it profitable to be placed at #1, they will continue paying as long as it is profitable for them.

After a while you can contact their competitors and ask if they could bid higher for the #1 placement, which could lead on to become a bidding war and you'd come out as a winner no matter how it goes. That is, if you really want to squeeze out that money.


That's it, those are our go-to ways to add revenue to our established websites for sale. As you probably can tell, we've not utilized these tactics prior, and therefore we've seen a great growth in revenue we get from each site in the last couple of months and even days - while also pushing more and more content which also adds to the turnover of each.

Do you have any other tips for us or others reading this post? What have you done to add value or, even better, revenue AND value of your websites?