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Prerender WordPress Plugin – Let Googlebot Render Your Site Perfectly

Using JavaScript to design sleek and beautiful websites seem to be on the rise. And, unfortunately, Google doesn’t seem to be ready for it.

We now launch the Prerender Wordpress Plugin, a plugin that allows anyone to install prerender and offer a easy-to-render page for Googlebot, while serving the users the real thing.Read More

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Due Diligence: What To Consider When Buying A Profitable Website

When you are about to buy a website it is important that you really do your due diligence. Otherwise, you might end up with an asset that takes years to recoup your investment from.

In this guide we will go through all important aspects to keep in mind when buying a website. Let’s jump straight into it! … Read More

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making an affiliate website

How To Make An Affiliate Website (from scratch)

Starting an affiliate website is easy. But that does not mean that it is simple – especially when you fight against your own doubts and competitors with deeper pockets. In this guide we go through the exact process we use to build profitable affiliate websites.

Before we head into the guide, I’ll present myself. … Read More

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