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Why Should You Invest in a Credit Card Affiliate Website for Sale?

Credit card affiliate websites for sale are a great way to earn passive income in the very lucrative payment industry. Credit cards have dominated the payment industry market for a long time. According to Spendmenot, 80% of global consumers prefer paying through credit cards. In fact, 60% of consumers have two or more credit cards.

Some of the better affiliate programs such as American Express,, Luxury Card, Commission Soup, etc. pay commissions up to $405 per sale. The EPC (earnings-per-click) are as high as $600 with some of them.

Visitors can be targeted through various types of credit cards, like:
- Travel Credit Cards
- Fuel Credit Cards
- Balance Transfer Credit Cards
- Rewards Credit Cards
- Cashback Credit Cards
- Student Credit Cards
- Secured Credit Cards
- Shoppers’ Credit Cards
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What is the Overall Scope of the Credit Card Affiliate Niche as Compared to Other Niches?

The global credit card market was valued at over $250 bn in 2018 and is set to value at $312 bn by 2022. While the United States contributes to over 60% of this business, other countries are catching up.

Credit card users have been on the rise, and surveys conclude that households with income in excess of USD 100K prefer credit cards over debit cards. Another advantage is that the world is increasingly adopting the more secure EMV chip cards.
The payment trend has seen a shift to the cashless mode through mobile payment applications that facilitate direct bank transfers. By 2025, the global digital payment market is expected to reach USD 132.5 bn. A majority of people rely on the safety of credit cards, and the ease of cashless credit cards such as those by Visa.

With credit cards, there is also a high probability of one customer buying more than one card. 60% of credit cardholders that use a shopping credit card also use reward or cashback cards. Similarly, a travel and fuel credit card is a great combination. So, if you target well you can earn great commissions.

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What are the Benefits of Buying a Credit Card Affiliate Niche Website From Us Instead of Starting One on Your Own?

If you’re passionate about investing in the payment industry, credit card affiliate websites for sale are an ideal option. With a credit card affiliate marketing website from us, you don’t have to carry the inventory with you.

You could build your own website from scratch, analyze trends, research about keywords and content, post quick 20-50 articles, use a new domain and try to earn Google’s trust to rank higher, etc.

Our affiliate websites do all this and much more for you. Our websites:
- Are scalable and built on trusted domains.
- Are already preferred by visitors and have been generating revenue since they are ranked well on Google.
- Have a number of quality backlinks from reputed sources
- Developed after detailed keyword research
- Come with our technical support, right from migration to ideas for scalability.

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