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Why should I buy an established website?

Building websites is hard, and investing in them is always a bit of a gamble.

Even though you’ve honed your craft and has had a few successful websites, growing your website portfolio takes time and is associated with a risk of not being able to pull out a good enough success-rate on the websites.

‍We are here to help you expand your website portfolio, and we take the risk for you.

‍No matter if you’re a novice webmaster and just want to treat the website acquisition as an asset class, or a expert webmaster that lives and breathes SEO – our established websites for sale should be perfect for you.

Why are profitable websites for sale a good investment?

Websites for sale that make money is a great asset to invest in, and it will remain to be a great asset in the future.

Let’s say you buy an established websites with profits of $3,000 per month. It’ll cost you $90,000 (given that it is priced at 30x monthly its profit per month) This is a hefty fee for anyone who hasn’t been in the game for a while.

However, during the first month you’ll make $3,000 out of your investment. If you were to sell it after the first month, you’d have made back $3,000 from your investment. A return of 3.33% in one month is really good.

Say that you keep it for 12 months, that’s $36,000 in profit.

You then sell the website for 30x, and in one year you’ve made $36,000 in pure profit.

‍Now, if you were to increase the profitability of the website (either by increasing revenue or cutting costs, or a mixture of both), you could increase the profit to $6,000. In one year, you’ll have made $72,000 in profit and can sell the website for $180,000.

‍That’s a whooping profit of $252,000 in one year.

‍You could also decide just to keep the website as a cash-cow, and help you fund other ventures.

This example is over-simplified and you won’t always be able to double the profits just like that, but this scenario is not that uncommon in the website investing space. And that is why profitable websites for sale is so highly sought-after by investors.

What if I’m a website newbie?

When you buy an established website from us, you don’t need a lot of skills to migrate it. We’ll provide you with a file to upload via All in One WP Migration, and push the domain to the registrar of your choice.

We’ve also developed this plugin to help you replace all affiliate links instantly.

We provide established turnkey websites for sale, this means that from the get-go you can maintain and/or scale it. All our websites are built on WordPress, which is the most used CMS in the whole world, which means there are a lot of tutorials and guides out there that can help you get started.

If you want to see good growth you should study up on ways to bring traffic to your newly bought asset, SEO is the most common way – but you can also try Google Ads or Microsoft Ads, if you can find a hole in the market where the actual companies doesn’t advertise, you should be able to find profitability here as well (although not as high profitability as SEO).

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Join 650+ investors. No spam - just value, and site offerings.
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