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We build websites using extensive research, and sell them to investors like you.

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Building websites are hard, and scaling them to turn profitable is a risk. Even though you’ve honed your craft and has had a few successful websites, growing your website portfolio takes time and is a risk.

We are here to help you expand your website portfolio. We are willing to take the risk for you.

No matter if you’re a novice webmaster and just want to treat the website acquisition as an asset class, or a expert webmaster that lives and breathes SEO – our established websites for sale should be perfect for you.

Below, you’ll find our process and the sites we have for sale right now.

Our process

Buying an auctioned domain, this determines the niche.

Figure out what potential customers are searching for by doing keyword research.

– Structuring the site so that users & Google understands the topic of the site.
Writing a bunch of high-quality SEO optimized content for keywords we believe to be the most profitable.
– Pointing links from our secure private blog network.
– Ongoing keyword research to find more profitable terms.
– We think outside the box to acquire links our competitors could only dream of.
– Sell the profitable site to a buyer.

Want to learn more about our process, read our guide on making affiliate websites here!

Our established websites for sale

#1 - Fitness Website for Sale

#2 - Medical Website for Sale

#3 - Outdoor Website for Sale

#4 - Parenting Website for Sale

Currently all our established websites are sold out. See if we have any turnkey websites for sale, or sign up for our waiting list below.

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