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March 2, 2020, by Hektor Jeppesen

Thanks for the great feedback of last week - I'll keep going and hopefully there will be a lot of valuable lessons to be learned in each one (for me, and for you).

The ideas and opinions in this post are not meant as investment advice. Use for educational purposes only. Do your proper due diligence before purchasing a website.

Anyhow, let's get into it.

How I'd Grow

Site listing: Available on
Profit per month: $36.66
Current price: $1355

The website is 4 years old and is in the home exercise/home gym niche that is absolutely booming right now due to COVID-19. The current evaluation (with 2 days left) is at a 37x multiple, it will likely end somewhere around 40-50x - this is a high multiple.

The high multiple can be explained by the increase in interest for at-home exercising - and the belief that people's behavior will change drastically after the COVID-19 outbreak is over, and that more and more have done at-home exercise and will continue with that instead of going to the gym all the time.

The site has 29 URLs (in their sitemap), so a rather small site I'd say - with growth potential by targeting more keywords.

Traffic audit

Solely based on Ahrefs data (since I don't want to enquire a seller for a site I don't even want to buy) we see the following.


Looks pretty good - I wonder why the dip in August 2019 until January 2020. I'd probably ask the seller for more information on this if the Google Analytics data shows the same picture.

Content audit

One thing I see a lot is that people show post excerpts, this is standard practice but if you don't write a custom excerpt - this will be considered duplicate content from your post (since the content is displayed on different URLs).

When I acquire a site I almost instantly turn the excerpts off for blog rolls/archives to avoid this issue. This is something that this website should do just to make sure Google doesn't see any of the pages as low-quality, duplicate content.

Another mistake I see with the content is that the articles usually gather a lot of keywords into one article, for example, this page:


If we google (incognito, always incognito!) "best olympic weight bench" we see the following


Ok, Google is currently showing specific articles exactly targeting "best olympic weight bench", therefore, we should give this keyword it's own post.

Overall, I'd say the quality of the articles is great but the keyword targeting could have been made better - this is both a positive thing and a bad thing.

Positive means that it is something that could help the site grow greatly, and negative is that it could also make the current content rank worse and therefore you'd have a drop in your earnings - so for a quick flip, this is something you want to stay away from a bit.


The monetization seems to primarily be based on Amazon Affiliate, and therefore a drop from 4.5% to 3% is expected to affect the site due to their recent changes.

One could add Ezoic or Adsense to up the RPM of the site and therefore make more for each visitor you can get to the website. Currently, the site is too small to reach out to vendors and get extraordinary deals, so I'd personally stick with Amazon for a little until the volumes are up - then I'd experiment with other affiliate networks and even getting private deals done.

I'd also add OneLink to make sure that we send non-US visitors to their respective locale, and get a higher conversion rate. UK, CA, India, and Australia account for 30% of the traffic of the site (according to their traffic data on Flippa) - we could probably increase site earnings by 15-30% by adding OneLink.

Backlink audit

The link profile overall looks very clean - but it is also very small.

They got 1-2 "resources"-links, a bunch of Blogspot spammers, and then 2 placements on niche websites. Either they are owned by the same individual or they have bought these two as guest posts - however, nothing worrisome overall.


Overall a good website to buy if you are of the belief that our social behavior towards certain aspects of our life will be affected after COVID-19 is over.

The work-at-home and higher acceptance for remote work might make people want to leave their home more during the day, or maybe do more of the daily activities at home so that they don't have to waste time with the transport. This is purely speculation, and one shouldn't buy a site based on speculation.

What are your takeaways from this site? What is the biggest upside in your perspective? And what are the negatives of the website?

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Hektor Jeppesen

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