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Does micro niche websites still work?

Yes, despite what other’s claim – small, micro niche websites still can rank and make money. However, the potential in a website that is started as a micro-niche website, but structured in a way so that it can be scaled into an ‘authority’ website, is the way to go.

We have ranked websites with 5-10 articles, and we can still reap good profits from those, however, we always suggest that you keep the scalability in mind when picking the websites overall niche – i.e. if you want to start with writing solely on tents, make sure to structure the website so that you can expand into other sub-niches within the niche of outdoors & camping.

We always make sure to keep scalability in mind so that the future owner can scale the website and take it to the next level. Our niche websites for sale is perfect for those who want to grow and really expand the website further.

How does the migration work?

Once has received the balance for the website, the migration process is started. We send over an easy to import backup of the niche website for sale, and push the domain to you.

If you wish, we can offer to help you with this and set it up using the same setup as we use ourselves for speed, security and ease of management.

Do you use PBNs?

The majority of links are natural and are aged nicely since we build all our websites on auctioned domains with highly-relevant and strong backlinks pointing to it. Sometimes the competition is a bit more fierce and we add PBNs to the mix.

We then power up individual pages with external links from private blog networks. This is in our opinion the safest way of building links, since we can remove them if shit hits the fan (happened to us once over 6+ years of operation, and we removed the links and fully recovered within 3 days).

Got more questions about our niche websites for sale?

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