ODYS.global Live Case Study - Month 3 (January)

February 24, 2021, by Hektor Jeppesen


I finally got around to writing an update on this case study, and now I've revamped the structure of the case study. Instead of a big post that I update monthly (and it gets hard to follow along month by month), I've now split each month into a seperate post.

Here you can see Month 1 and Month 2, below I am going to report on Month 3 and shortly another update will come (for Month 4).

Let's get into the stats for January!

Stats of January

The traffic really went off during January - we wrote a few pieces on 30 searches per month keywords and it turned out they didn't just have 30 searches per month.

To find them I went onto Ahrefs and put in Quora.com in Site Explorer, I then put in the product I wanted to research and saw Quora ranking first for a bunch of related keywords.

I then used the keyword ideas I got from Quora and went further down.

To collect more relevant keywords I went into Keywords Explorer on Ahrefs and used the same pattern to find keywords Quora that nobody had targeted but were in the same pattern as the Quora keywords.

For example: "movies like titanic" and then digging deeper to find all movies that had "movies like"-searches for it.

In terms of commissions for January, it really isn't pleasant.

We started promoting a non-Amazon affiliate program and sent them over 1500 clicks - and got no commissions to show for it.

We've since started hunting down other programs, but due to the lack of response from most of them, we were not successful in moving over to a better performing program so far.

Note to self, start hunting down all programs at the start, and don't assume that one program will perform just because the products/services they deliver are of high quality and popular.

This is our main priority for the coming month - we got highly-relevant traffic, now we just need to monetize it properly!

What we've done since last time

During January we've added 25 articles (44 000 words) to the site. The content is written by two of our expert writers. We have a list of 800 articles to write, but since our monetization method currently isn't working we have to figure that out before we scale.

We also want to remain good quality throughout the site, one mistake I've previously made is just scale, scale and scale and then loosing grip on the content quality. I wrote about this in my latest post about big website portfolios.

Either way, I think we are headed in a good direction and I have no rush to get to our goal. Once we figure out the monetization part we should be all set for a bright future of the site.

These are the total stats at the end of month 3:

Words: 278,505

Invested: $6,685

Revenue: $80.59

Profit/loss: -$6,604.41

Before we end this time, I have the pleasure to offer a nice deal if you sign up to ODYS using the link below.

Hopefully, that goes some way to help you buy an auctioned domain, now that you have a bit of pre-deposited money on your ODYS.global account!

Hektor Jeppesen

Founder of Hekkup

Hektor started building websites when he was 15, and has since built 160+ websites. Apart from running Hekkup, he works full-time as an SEO specialist.

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