ODYS.global Live Case Study - Month 4 (February)

March 1, 2021, by Hektor Jeppesen

Welcome back to yet another update of this ODYS.global LIVE case study.

Here are the previous updates: Month 1, Month 2 and Month 3

The month of February went fast, but we've been able to do a few improvements on the site. And finally landed us a good affiliate program (I hope!)

Stats of February

Except for Amazon earnings we've made $65.01 from Adsense and the new affiliate program that we have switched to (from the previous one we talked about in Month 3 that didn't make us any money -- fun fact, it made us $20 this month actually since we haven't been able to switch all affiliate links yet).

Our traffic is slowly but surely growing and I believe we should be able to see some good uptick the coming few months as well as we work on content and links.

Since we've hit $144 this month I am a bit more excited for the project. We've only really had 6 days with the new program (more on that below) so I am excited to see how March goes!

What we've done since last time

Yep, so this month pretty much went into chasing the other program that didn't seem to accept us. I went after all their departments and after a long hunt (on the 22nd of February) we finally got approved. There was something wrong with their approval system which declined us automatically.

So, apart from that, I didn't really have time to do much else -- the lack of revenue is having me hesitant to invest a lot more so I am just making sure our traffic actually converts at this level before we invest a lot more (because we need revenue as our proof of concept before scaling really).

Either way, since last time I've added 27,000 words of content and started planning for the link building part.

I've assigned a person on Upwork to do HARO link building for the site - I'm paying them a set fee per link of DR40+ (sort of like Matt Diggity talks about in his case study).

Except for that we've scouted outreach potential and will start to do outreach during March. Truth be told, I've never really done proper outreach so I'm excited to get my hands dirty in the outreach game.

These are the total stats at the end of month 4:

Words: 305,011

Invested: $6,944

Revenue: $229.06 (+148.47)

Profit/loss: -$6,845

Before we end this time (as always), I have the pleasure to offer a nice deal if you sign up to ODYS using the link below.

Hopefully, that goes some way to help you buy an auctioned domain, now that you have a bit of pre-deposited money on your ODYS.global account!

Hektor Jeppesen

Founder of Hekkup

Hektor started building websites when he was 15, and has since built 160+ websites. Apart from running Hekkup, he works full-time as an SEO specialist.

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