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January 1, 2021, by Hektor Jeppesen

Since my last case study was a success, being my first ever experience with website flipping (where I bought a site, scaled it, and sold it - with a whopping 382% ROI). I thought I should make a new one where you guys can follow along live.

I want to show the power of building websites on aged, auction domains. The domain I picked has come from ODYS.global - one of the top marketplaces for auctioned domains. What is fun about ODYS is that I’ve been with them for years, and now they are absolutely sky-rocketing and everyone seems to be talking about them.

Now I want to show you why they are such a popular marketplace, and how a site can progress when you start with a solid foundation (with a powerful domain).

The domain

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of the domain, here are some quick stats.

Domain rating: 10

Price: $1,500

Referring domains: 52

While some might think that DR10 or 52 referring domains are low, these links are absolutely incredible.

What I did after I purchased this domain was to put out an empty page targeting a 100 searches a month keyword (with probably a few hundred extra searches on the long-tail), and it instantly ranked on page 2.

Without content, absolutely insane. Page 2 was filled with 500-1000 word articles about the keyword, and I ranked with just having the keyword in the title and H1 - with 0 indexable content.


The process below is the exact one I and my team have used for all our websites. It's quite simple but it has proven to work over-and-over.

  1. Buy a domain from ODYS.global
  2. Do a proper keyword research mapping out all the types of search people do in the niche (mentioning either “best”, “top”, “reviews” or “review”, we go deeper than this in stage 2 of the site when we want to expand and have gained traction in the niche)
  3. Write a lot of content
  4. Once content starts getting traction, we build links to it

As we’ve explained above, the domain is already really powerful but one thing we want to do to juice it up, even more, is redirecting a domain to it. We can then do a take-over of the authority that the domain has and juice our trust up, giving us a competitive advantage really cost-effective.

Auctioned domains usually have links your competitors could only dream of, and if they were to buy the links themselves (if they somehow were able to negotiate with the high-authority sites with strict publishing guidelines) they’d pay at least 5-10 times what you have for the domain. This means you can spend $7-$15K on content, while they have to put that amount + content to be able to compete with you.

It blows my mind that more people don't think like this. Either way, enough with the rambling.

Update 1: November

The site got its first (actual) content published on the 4th of November, since then (currently the 6th of November) I’ve been able to publish 184,400 words, and have 21,700 words as draft.


The Google Search Console stats look like this:


Impressions seem to have gone down a bit but I am not at all worried about that. It’s still in its growth phase, and even though we start on a powerful domain, it takes time for Google to evaluate the site and its fresh content.

Last but not least, here are the Amazon affiliate stats for the site:


As you can see, it is pretty crazy, but I actually got the first sale just one week after publishing the first article. And let me tell you, while I am not publically sharing the niche, it’s not an easy niche - I compete with most major media and tons of SEOs running massive sites in this niche.

I am going to promote other affiliate programs, but I’ve yet to implement these. They have good products and better commission, this will be something I will do once I see enough traffic to invest the time needed to replace some links.

Before we end this time, I have the pleasure to offer a nice deal if you sign up to ODYS using the link below.

Hopefully, that goes some way to help you buy an auctioned domain, now that you have a bit of pre-deposited money on your ODYS.global account!


Update 2: December

Whoo! The last month of the brutal year of 2020 is over.

The site is actually taking off really nicely since the last update (5th of December).

What I've done since last time

  • I've hired 4 expert writers on the topic and made them their own profiles on the site. My idea is to establish E-A-T with the site as a whole and since this site has the potential to grow a lot, I feel an investment in expert content is worth it. I'll probably write more about E-A-T for affiliate sites in another post.
  • I've also completed a big keyword research document with over 800 posts to write about, so there is a lot of investments in content writing to be done in the coming months. I will start with the least competitive ones, and continue upwards in the keyword difficulty level as the site gets more authoritative.
  • I've published 8 posts + published all drafted content and seem to already rank high for lots of keywords
  • I've added a non-Amazon affiliate program to the mix which I believe View Postwill be the biggest earner for us in the long-term. Right now we've got 80 clicks but 0 conversions to date.
  • Redirected a newly-acquired ODYS domain to the site (for $1,315), which doubled the domain rating from 9 to 18. I used the acquisition method where I made a page called something like "We acquired domain.com" and then redirecting all its links (that we don't see relevant for any of the money pages) to that acquisition page. The acquisition page should, however, link to money pages so that the link juice flows nicely into the most important pages.

What is left now is adding content, content, and content. And then sprinkle on some links - but since we start with the low-hanging fruit of this niche in terms of keywords - we should be fine without any big investment in links for the time being.

Total so far:

Words: 237,800

Invested: $5,935

Revenue: $45.48

Profit/loss: -$5,889.52

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