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Can investing in websites be truly passive?

As with everything within the “make money online”-world, there are a lot of scammers. Even though the internet as a whole has matured, and so has the idea of making money off it. I mean, most companies nowadays make a substantial amount of their money online.

However, some still sell the dream of passive income being a set-and-forget thing, and then they can travel the world, lay on the beach all day, and not give a f* about money. This rarely happens, and it is not the reality many seek to achieve.

Let’s be honest, if you were to buy one of our income websites for sale, just collect the paycheck that comes in, and visit the beach for the rest of your life – you’d soon, have a downtrending asset in your portfolio. This might not happen in at least a year, but once it does it’ll hurt either way.

We always try to build our websites in such a way that the buyer can expand it, grow it, or just maintain it as is. Maintenance can be everything from updating links, buffing the content, adding more external links and making sure that everything stays afloat. It doesn’t even take that much time, but it is crucial.

This is what we mean when we say passive income websites for sale. Websites that you should care for, and maintain, while you live a happy life and occasionally check in to see that everything is well.

I’ve never bought a website before, will that be a problem?

Nope, with our passive income websites for sale (as with all of our websites for sale) – we offer support. We’ll help you how much (or little) you need with the migration of the website. We can do a total push where we essentially just push the server over to your account, or give you enough access for you to move it to your own setup.

We’re always here to help you.

What if I got more questions?

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