Having worked with digital marketing for over 7 years, is a highly-skilled individual that doesn’t let anyone stop him.

Having a huge interest in boxing, it seem to have made him stronger mentally. “If you work hard in training, the fight is easy.” is a well-said quote of the ever so famous boxer Manny Pacquiao, that Anish seem to live by.

At Hekkup, he makes sure the teams we employ does provides top-notch quality. He obtains two qualities which are rare: being a perfectionist, while still being actionable. He does not let his perfectionistic persona get in the way of action, and he doesn’t let the fast-action damage the quality of work.
Anish Nandalike
Steve is our go to man when it comes to anything design. Form designing logos to websites, we has fine tuned this art since the age of 15.

His innate love for anime seems to have an affect on his near to perfect designs. Over the years, he has expanded his skill set and now works on various aspects like on-page SEO, content planning, content uploading at Hekkup (to name a few).

In short, he is our captain America when it comes to anything digital which is why we are proud to have him as our digital marketing executive.
Steve Fernandes
Having understood the potential of SEO and affiliate marketing at 15 years old, he spent the past 6 years building hundreds of websites.

Something which started as an experiment is now his passion: building websites. All the years of experience in SEO & affiliate marketing allowed him to develop systems that were future-proof.

Hektor is a great team person, he loves to find the right people and nurture them, as long as they have the drive to learn. Which is one of the reasons you will find a lot of SEO guides by Hektor all over internet.
Hektor Jeppesen

Each package include:

  • Content written & edited by SEO-trained writers & editors
  • Setting up a lightning-fast WordPress site
  • Customization of CSS & adding few, but powerful plugins
  • Developing a scalable site structureundefined
  • Word counting (competition research)undefined
  • Re-creating old URLs, and interlinking these to money pages

We also add:

  • OneLink from Amazon Associates
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • Autoptimize + ShortPixel (free plan)

Why it’s worth it to you

Building affiliate websites is a time-daunting task – and therefore most of our buyers are really experienced website investors who just doesn’t have the time to do the work themselves.

They also find it more profitable in the long run.

Let’s run the numbers of our most popular package “Authority” (200 000 words).

Content: $5,000
Hosting: $72
Keyword research + site structure: $2,000
On-page SEO: $1,000
WordPress theme, custom CSS + plugins: $250
Recreating URLs: $300
Uploading content + adding links & tables: $700
Your own time: at least 50 hours
Total: $9,322

Save $2,022 + 50 hours of your invaluable time per site

The workflow-from start to finish

1. You give us the necessary details

Before we begin working together, I want to know the following:

Any specific niches you want to enter?
How much can you invest in the domain?
What package are you interested in?

Once I know this, I will get back to you ASAP with some ideas of what auctioned domains would suit you.

I will also let you know the total budget required for the domain + package (pricing of each package is set, but the domain pricing is based on how strong of a domain you want).

Once we find the perfect domain, and have decided which way to go (i.e. what niche to target with the domain), and we both feel satisfied with the choice – my team and I take action.

2. Content plan

We do a thorough job at the keyword research and set a content plan for the site.

We then send you the finished content plan to you for approval. We offer revisions and we’ll re-work it until you’re is satisfied.

Keep in mind: The clearer view of which niche you want to go into in the first step, the less re-work is needed. Usually, re-work isn’t needed at all.

3. Setting up the website

We set up the website, and together with you set up important things such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics and OneLink (for Amazon websites).

In Search Console, we submit the sitemap to get the website and its content indexed as quickly as possible.

We have a great approach to build really lightweight sites which loads fast for users and converts the visitor into a click really nicely.

We also recreate or redirect the top 10 most linked to URLs from the auctioned domain to resurrect the link juice flowing into these pages.

4. Producing content

Our highly-trained writing team and editors start writing a lot of articles. We got a really good team in place and they are able to act fast, something we at Hekkup really like.

5. Uploading the content

We then upload the content and follow the SEO best practices – to achieve the best possible result.

6. The site is done

We add the last few touches and go through the technical aspects so that we haven’t missed anything.

Once done, you have a new website that is built exactly the way our own websites are.

We treat your websites EXACTLY like our own.

We can usually keep a very high-pace, but we also want to make sure we’re on the right page before taking action.

Let’s get it right in the beginning and we should be golden.

Why do you build websites for others?

In July 2019, I got the question:

“Can you build a website for me?”

It was not the first time, but it was the first time I was intrigued by the question.

Not gonna lie, I instantly saw it as a nice way of bumping our revenue, as I had set a goal of doubling our company revenue during 2019, so I took the gig.

I treated it exactly like it was one of my own websites (as explained in this post), took action fast (with an in-depth keyword research & word count analysis) and started pushing thousands of words of content ASAP.

The site started to gain some early traction and commissions started, slowly but surely come in within the first 2-3 months.

The client then went on to order 5 more websites, totaling 1.7M words across 453 articles.

They understood the potential and wanted more.

They even spread the word a little and got us other customers who we have delivered 23 websites for the past year.In total we’ve delivered 3.65M words, that’s over 15 000 words per day.

And this is when I realized, the revenue-part of this isn’t my driving force — it’s more about helping our customers solve a problem — help them take action, even when they’re strapped on time.