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We build a website for you using our process that we use to build the sites we sell for $100,000+.

Buy A Turnkey Website

While we love our investors that buys our profitable websites, we want to open up to the broader mass, the new-comers that doesn’t have $100K to drop on a website. This is our product solving this “problem”.

We have 3 packages so that you can find one suitable for you. 

When you buy a turnkey website at Hekkup, you get a site fully prepared for explosive growth. We build them exactly like our other sites, the only difference is that we sell them before they start making money. You can then add your own affiliate links or Adsense-code, build links to the property and grow it to infinity!

If you want to know more about how we build sites, read our guide on building affiliate websites.

  • 50 000 words
  • Auctioned domain
  • Premium theme
  • 1 month of support via email
  • 100 000 words
  • Auctioned domain
  • Customized, premium theme
  • 2 months of support
  • 150 000 words
  • Auctioned domain
  • Customized premium theme
  • 3 months of support

Frequently Asked Questions

Auctioned domains are domains bought on auction. This doesn’t tell us much. However, when we say auctioned domain we mean a domain bought on auction with strong links pointing to it. It could be a old e-commerce shop that closed down, or a blogger who just didn’t renew his or her domain.

We buy these domains, understands what topic it is related to, and build content around that. This has shown to work for us in a lot of different niches, and it is the fastest way to rank highly for long-tail keywords and make money with affiliate sites. It also allows you to start going a bit more aggressive with the anchor text and link building, since it’s has a very natural link profile to start off with.

When we have sold the website you’re fully responsible for its future. However, if you have problems with transferring or migrating the site – we’re here to help. We can also help with small questions every now and then about how we would push it further.

Also with each package is a full-fledged keyword research sheet provided, so that you can grow it. If you need more content, you can always contact us for a sweet content deal.

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