Website Operators: What They Are & Why You (Might) Need Them

January 1, 2021, by Hektor Jeppesen

If you’ve built and/or managed a website prior you know that there is a lot of work to be put into the maintenance and growth of it. But that work is essential for you to grow your business.

Hiring someone that you can trust to do as good of a job as you do is hard. Especially since they don’t reap any benefits on increased earnings or can cash out once it is flipped.

This is where a website operator comes in.

What is a website operator?

A website operator is a person or company that steps in and takes command of an established website. And they have one goal - to increase the earnings of the website.

They can do this in a number of different ways, for example by: deepening the content depth of the site (more content/niches), conversion rate optimization (CRO), or ranking existing content higher.

Why do you need website operators?

The strength of a website operator is that they can use their existing resources on your website, and adding a lot of value.

This is especially true if you're a novice website investor and don't have many contacts within the SEO/CRO/website building space.

With their experienced team, their links, and CRO experts, they have the ability to scale your website to new heights. In turn, you have to give the operator a set percentage of the revenue and/or a monthly management fee.

What is the risk of using a website operator?

Let's be real here.

You're giving up a good part of your revenue, and the website operators cannot promise growth.

It does really look nice when you see the calculations done, "If we quadruple your revenue and then flip it, we split it and you'll make 2x your money" - well, it's easier said than done.

Going from $15,000 to $60,000 per month requires a solid strategy and execution. Not some half-assed attempt from one who wants to capitalize on the website investing market.

The person for sure can be a website operator because there are quite a bunch of cool ones such as Richard Patey and the team over at LeadSpring (ran by Matt Diggity).

Essentially, a website operator has a great incentive of growing your asset to the next level, and therefore they will do their best to grow your revenue. They will be passionate, something that can be hard to find from someone you hire from Upwork.

Warning signs of a bad website operator

There are some warning signs that you should look out for when searching for a website operator.

1. They promise X amount of growth

Within SEO, promising a specific ranking is a big no-no, and while website investing involves other things than SEO, most of it boils down to the organic visibility generating visitors.

If you get promised that someone will grow your revenue by X percent or multiples, please run away!

It's totally fine if the operator says "We usually see a growth of X% within the first 3 months with our clients, however, we cannot promise anything." With this, they say that they are pretty confident that your partnership will increase your revenue, while not promising anything (good for them, and good for you).

2. They don't offer to sign contracts

Sign contracts! It is super important!

If you hand out your login details to a company or individual, they can technically do a takeover and just scam you by resetting your password and moving the site to a new host.

It should be in the interest of both parties to sign contracts. If one party doesn't want to sign it, it is a clear warning sign that something is not right.

3. They don't have a track record

To hand over the operations to someone who will turn to their SEO facebook group of choice and say "I just got my first client, what strategy should I use to grow?" would be a nightmare.

Make sure you hire someone who has an existing track record and has been there and done that - that has tested strategies, failed, and adapted. This is how you learn in SEO, and therefore one of the best ways to know you got someone that can make the right choices - for you.


Website operators are great. I'd highly recommend getting one if you feel like your need help in managing the websites in your portfolio. Start with one website, a low-mid-earning one - and see the results of it. If you see good results - take the partnership further.

But make sure to keep an eye out for scammers, bad deals and be skeptical when deciding who you should hire. It's only you who is responsible for your web asset at the end of the day.

Good luck!

Hektor Jeppesen

Founder of Hekkup

Hektor started building websites when he was 15, and has since built 160+ websites. Apart from running Hekkup, he works full-time as an SEO specialist.

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